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At LOREMMA, every child is welcomed, loved, respected, and valued.  Our children’s world is only characterized by positive values and our differences are what make it rich and beautiful.

We are committed to helping parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, caregivers, teachers, educators, and anyone else who love children to find educational books, clothes, shoes, leggings, accessories, and other children’s products that meet their needs.

In addition, LOREMMA will provide more details about its childcare services soon.


Our books are educational books for boys and girls ages 0-12years old. They are written by our founders and owners; Emmanuel Ndayishimiye and Ornella Ngabire. They blend their love of children and family with their passion for reading and writing. Their diverse stories will surely delight each reader through learning and enlightenment.


We offer complete look for your boys and girls; infants, toddlers, and tweens with our carefully styled selection of our favorite design. All our products are brand new items.

Since kids have their own unique personalities, we offer enough variety in our products to allow them to look fabulous-in all their individuality!


More details will be provided soon.

Everything you will pick will be packaged with so much love.

Remember, every purchase you make, 15% benefit a child in need.

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