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Customer Reviews

Check out the reviews we’re getting at LOREMMA Children's World. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and unparalleled quality has not only helped fuel our growth, but has also contributed to building a stellar reputation among the public. We love hearing from our customers, so if you have feedback don’t hesitate to contact us.


Adrian Sims

"My amazing friends is a great book.The colors in the book are eye catching. The story was different. Not a story I was expecting however it was unique. Perfect if you're reading it to toddlers as their attention span is very short."

Martha V. Williams

"In real life, it is so rare to find a married couple who has a lot of things in common. I am so proud of everything your company is doing in our community and I am glad that I get to witness your remarkable achievements every year.  I am truly grateful that you decided to share your talents and passion for writing with the rest of the world. Thank you would be an understatement!"

Steve D.

"Thanks so much for your high quality products. My kids loved so very much all the clothes I bought and they were worth every penny I have spent. Also, my twins were in awe when they found out the beautiful gift that was enclosed in our package.The generous gift will become for us the magic of this holiday season."

Hannah N.

"Your site looks great and easy to navigate!I especially love that 15% of each sale benefits a child in need. As a parent myself, I really appreciate that.Thanks!"

Dr. Sheka Houston and Principal Tammy Taylor

"Your books are great! Our favorite is Smiley Girl. Kindness is something that is stressed in schools especially trying to reinforce social and emotional learning skills. We also love that in the book, the character models how to organize and plan. This is another strategy that is taught in schools and your book could be a read aloud to introduce those strategies even up to middle and high school, because the smiley girl could be used to lead a longer discussion with the students."


"My Amazing Friends is a valuable and inspiring story about acceptance and the importance of following instructions. It is an excellent book that will help children understand that their self worth should not be diminished because someone does not like or accept them. Parents and teachers will see the value in the story, like the triplets whose story is about, so many other children want to feel welcomed and accepted. The illustrations are beautiful. On each page, the authors captured the story extremely well."

E. Lopez

"My amazing friends is a sweet book about friendship. My boys enjoyed how the friends were from all different cultures, and how, even when they go lost, they all stayed together and found a way to help each other out. May we all find friends with bonds as strong as these."

Shoshana Kent

"My amazing friends is a book that kids can definitely relate to. The language flows easily as the adventure unfolds. The story is simple which makes it good for kids. There is a lot of discussion that can take place between parents and their children."

Myiesha D.

"My amazing friends is a book that had me in suspense. I wasn't sure where it would end. I loved the diversity of the characters and that their friendship grew. Even in difficulty, they stayed together."

Crystel Patterson

"I loved the premise of the story. This book exposes children to diversity in friendship and shows them that it is a wonderful thing to embrace other people's differences. It also shows kids what can happen when you don't obey your elders as the friends learned that valuable lesson together. I also enjoyed the how vibrant the illustrations were."

Renee Sullivan

"My amazing friends is such a sweet and engaging story about the importance of friendship. Children who will read the book will learn about responsibility, teamwork, perseverance, and diversity."

Riley Jones

"The Smiley Girl is a sweet book about random acts of kindness. I like how the authors ask the children to think of ways to help others at the end of the story. We can all learn from this story."

Kayla Life

"As a school counselor and behavior specialist,I understand that children often need visuals to learn and function, the social emotional value and lesson this book teaches is key to children understand their emotions and impact they have on not just themselves but those around them."

Sherri Nina

"I love the idea of a kindness calendar and this is a cute story with sweet illustrations demonstrating the art of kindness. I think this would be a great gift for little ones to train them at a young age to be mindful in their actions and life. Our world needs more kindness!"

Sharlie Z

"I love the idea of making and carrying out a kindness calendar. The examples completed by the main character are simple and could be used to motivate other children.I like that the end of the book has an area to write down your own acts of kindness."

Crystel Patterson

"The Smiley Girl is a cute story with brilliant illustrations about a little girl, Cindy, who decides to make a kindness calendar. This book shows the power of intentionally being kind to others. My kids enjoyed this book and even asked if they can make their own kindness calendar. Job well done to the authors."

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